Filtration Process

          Each filtering system is designed with either 9 or 10 pods. Within each pod is a cylinder style stack of hydro-grooved nylon polymer discs. Each pod is equipped with 1,000 discs. During operation unfiltered water is forced through the stack of discs and falls into the production pipe below, which has now been filtered. The sediment that was initially in the unfiltered water is left on the outside of the stack of discs where it was trapped in the small grooves.

          Once pressure builds inside the pod and the flow rate begins to drop, the system drops each pod offline individually to regenerate/clean the media off the discs, this process is know as backwashing. When backwashing occurs a small amount of clean water is used to clear the discs of any debris and is then flushed out to a holding tank. This water can then be treated, disposed of, or analyzed to see if any of the elements can be extracted for other uses.

Mobile Unit

          The mobile units come equipped with a Go-Green 4,000 watt diesel generator, 4" trash pump, 10 or 50 micron filtering system, and air compressor. These units can be hauled by any truck capable of pulling a 10,000 lb load or higher. The mobile units do not need a power source on-site because they run off of the generator. All the operator needs to do is place the trailer near the water that needs filtered and run the hoses. Mobile units are able to filter water around 500 GPM at 50 microns.

Electric Unit 

          The electric units can be powered by either a 70 KVA 3-phase generator or connected to 3-phase power on site. It is equipped with an 8" positive displacement pump, 5 HP air compressor, and a 50 micron filtration unit. The electric unit has a total of 10 pods which allows the filtration rate to range from 550 - 600 GPM.