RBJ Manufacturing, LLC. was founded in 2011. Within the first year the first prototype was constructed. The prototype featured a self-contained 24ft. enclosed trailer containing the water filtration system and produced an average flow rate of 325 GPM at 50 MICRON. Demonstrations have been proven to be successful which has led to a further demand for this technology. 
          The systems are designed to run with minimal manpower. We recommend a minimum of two operators at all times. Setup consists of placing a unit on site located in close relation to the source of water being filtered. The systems are self-cleaning so there is virtually no maintenance during operation.          

          Locally owned and operated in DuBois, Pennsylvania. We are currently situated in the middle of the Marcellus Shale and Utica Play which extends from Ohio, West Virginia Pennsylvania and into New York.  
          We service the water filtration needs to companies throughout the country. Directly located in the Marcellus Shale/Utica play, we intend to continue to develop our business and product to further assist in the filtration needs of all oil and gas companies. We intend to reach out as far as Texas, California and potentially into Canada.