RBJ Manufacturing, LLC. Is a newly developed  water filtration company seeking to aid the oil and gas industry with a new innovative technology allowing the use, recycling and reuse of water by a new method of polishing/filtration. This new method has been proven, tested, and documented with laboratory results. All while keeping a limited onsite footprint and eliminating consumable materials such as sock filters.
          Striving to help companies with water filtration needs, we also take pride in protecting the environments most valuable resource. Using the ConserveFlow ECO-50, ConserveFlow ECO-10,  or our electric ECO-50 our products can help to protect the investor both financially and environmentally.
           Our technology offers a self-contained, self cleaning operating system which requires minimal manpower to maintain. This system offers a small 8’ x 24’ on site footprint. Additional storage will be needed for filtered water and waste tank.

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